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Faculty and Staff of Lafayette

Administration and Office Staff

Assistant Principal Jennifer George (jennifer.george@uasdraiders.org)
Guidance Counselor Theodore Czekaj (theodore.czekaj@uasdraiders.org)
Dean of Students David Winfrey (david.winfrey@uasdraiders.org)
Secretary Christine Swaney (christine.swaney@uasdraiders.org)
Gym Sara Allison (sara.allison@uasdraiders.org)
Librarian Melissa Woods (melissa.woods@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Christa Sabatula (christa.sabatula@uasdraiders.org)

Teachers – Elementary School

Mrs. Lori Kuhn (lori.kuhn@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Jill Partridge (jill.partridge@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Liz Wallace (elizabeth.wallace@uasdraiders.org)
1st Grade
Mrs. Heather Ferris (heather.ferris@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Mary Guthrie (mary.guthrie@uasdraiders.org)
Ms. Emily Hanula (emily.hanula@uasdraiders.org)
2nd Grade
Mrs. April April Rambo (april.rambo@uasdraiders.org)
Ms. Laquetta Walton (laquetta.walton@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Amy Yezioro (amy.yezioro@uasdraiders.org)
3rd Grade
 Mrs. Angela Miller (angela.miller@uasdraiders.org)
 Ms. Ashley Snyder ()
 Ms. Kelly Tobal (kelly.tobal@uasdraiders.org)
4th Grade
 Mrs. Jamie Butchko (jamie.butchko@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Hartman Ward ()
 Mrs. Julia Stephenson (julia.stephenson@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Barbara Bakos (barbara.mildren@uasdraiders.org)
 5th Grade
 Ms. Penny Kezmarsky (penny.kezmarsky@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Carrie Rumbaugh (carrie.rumbaugh@uasdraiders.org)
Learning Support
 Mrs. Tracy Demars (tracy.demars@uasdraiders.org)
 Mr. Nicole Dice (nicole.dice@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Nicole Hall (nicole.hall@uasdraiders.org)
 Ms. Angela Machesky (angela.machesky@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Linda Mattis (linda.mattis@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Amanda McKay (amanda.mckay@uasdraiders.org)
 Ms. Dion Metts (dion.metts@uasdraiders.org)
 Ms. Stacy Meyers (stacy.meyers@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Leslie Yarish (gifted program) (leslie.yarish@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Sara Allison (sara.allison@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Kimberlee Sproul (kimberlee.sproul@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Chelsea Swick (chelsea.swick@iu1.org)
 Mrs. Leslie Murtha (leslie.murtha@uasdraiders.org)
 Mr. David Winfrey (david.winfrey@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Kelley Bortz (kelley.bortz@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Michelle French (michelle.french@uasdraiders.org)
 Ms. Rachel Disher (rachael.disher@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Amber Smith (amber.smith@uasdraiders.org)
 Mrs. Linda Ruda (linda.ruda@uasdraiders.org)
 Math Coach
 Ms. Mindy Harris (mindy.harris@uasdraiders.org)


Teachers – Middle School

6th Grade Language Arts Stephanie Satovich (stephanie.satovich@uasdraiders.org)
6th Grade Social Studies & Science Robert Kezmarsky (robert.kezmarsky@uasdraiders.org)
6th Grade Mathematics Warare Gladman (warare.gladman@uasdraiders.org)
7th Grade Mathematics Rachel Fritts (rachael.fritts@uasdraiders.org)
7th Grade Language Arts Jonni George (jonni.george@uasdraiders.org)
8th Grade Mathematics Heather Kerestine (heather.kerestine@uasdraiders.org)
8th Grade Language Arts Kimberly Bizik (kimberly.bizik@uasdraiders.org)
Learning Support Raymond Ansell (raymond.ansell@uasdraiders.org)
Amanda Frider (amanda.frider@uasdraiders.org)
7th Grade and 8th Grade Science Robert Schiffbauer (robert.schiffbauer@uasdraiders.org)
7th Grade and 8th Grade Social Studies Douglas Zajac (douglas.zajac@uasdraiders.org)
Music Stephanie Newingham (stephanie.newingham@uasdraiders.org)
Social Worker Amber Smith (amber.smith@uasdraiders.org)
Speech Chelsea Swick (chelsea.swick@iu1.org)
Art Angela Capuzzi (angela.capuzzi@uasdraiders.org)
Computer Charity Colebank (charity.colebank@uasdraiders.org)
Industrial Arts Joseph Valentovich (joseph.valentovich@uasdraiders.org)
Home Economics Jacquline Lancaster (jacqueline.lancaster@uasdraiders.org)


Mrs. Fairfax
Ms. Kegg


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